PURE Soundbath Winchester – SOLD OUT

A very big thank you to everyone for coming out to celebrate on Leap Year’s Day. I was delighted that you all took it lying down. This was my view from the desk. Wonderful feedback too, thank you. “I felt as though I’d been on holiday for the three weeks!”

Single – Confidence (for Jamal and Claire Sutton)

I’m delighted to share a new single, ‘Confidence’, written for two good friends who are getting married. All proceeds will go to their chosen charity, The Lotus Flower Trust which funds the building of schools and homes in remote and environmentally challenging areas of India.

Get it from my shop or if you’d like to give a little more head over to Bandcamp.

Make Peace With The Future by David Lol Perry cover artwork

Single – Make Peace With The Future

Three Wings MixTape on Spotify

I’ve started a MixTape of tracks that influenced me when working on Three Wings. I hope you enjoy it!

Three Wings on Canada’s CBC

Exciting to hear via Facebook that CBC Music (formerly CBC Radio 2) in Canada played Ave Maris Stella from Three Wings on 25th February. Thanks!

Christmas Single

I wanted to do something useful for Christmas. It can be a difficult time. A new piece, ‘Make Peace With The Future’ is just £1 with all proceeds going to Samaritans Winchester. Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!

Image – Priscilla du Preez

Three Wings – Just press play!

Play clips from all the tracks on the album. Just click on the image above and press the play button at the top!

Burning Shed Logo

Three Wings – Special Offer

Our good friends at online shop Burning Shed are offering Three Wings CD with a signed piece of sheet music from the recordings with all pre-orders.

Have a look here.

Image of the front cover of the Warner Classics CD 'Three Wings' by David Lol Perry featuring Winchester College's Quiristers

New album ‘Three Wings’ released Friday 10th November 2017 on Warner Classics

I’m pleased to share news that the album will be preceded by three singles taken from the new album – ‘Ave Maris Stella’, ‘Sainte Nicholaes Solem’ (feat. 2015 BBC Radio 3 Young Chorister of the Year Angus Benton) and ‘O Filii Et Filiae’ on Friday 13th October. The album will be available for pre-order on the same day. I hope you like it!

Warner album deal

I’m chuffed to share that I have signed an album deal with Warner. It’ll be based around nine new pieces I recorded with Winchester College’s Quiristers in March, as well as reworks of the best of Three Wings 1 & 2 and the Three Wings 3 that never was. This was in fact the reason why Three Wings 3 was never released and also why 1 & 2 are no longer available. Apologies for that. I hope you will bear with me over the coming months as Warner prepare to release it, sometime in the Autumn of 2017. Subscribe and I’ll let you know the minute I do. Meanwhile, the original Three Wings 1 & 2 CDs are waiting in the cupboard!

A few secrets……

For those interested in the technical side of music making, I was chuffed to be asked to record all the ins and outs of my sessions with the Qs in the November edition of Sound on Sound. I think I may have given too much away! Just click on the link or image below to download it.

Sound on Sound Magazine – Session Notes Article

The Tiniest Thing

I was recently asked to contribute an article to Winchester College’s Q News, celebrating the unique foundation that delivered that wonderful sound on ‘Three Wings’. Read it here.


Three Wings 2 Released

Three Wings 2 is now out. You can Preview & Download it here.

‘Dark Grows Light’ Film

We made a long-form film about the making of Three Wings which we hope you enjoy. Watch it here.


Introducing draft artwork for Three Wings 2 and 3

TW2 Front Cover    TW3 Front Cover

I’ve been working with designers Emily Stafford (Graphic Design) and Craig Stafford (Art Direction) on the artwork for the two remaining installments of Three Wings. It’s been one of the greatest fortunes to have found them. I couldn’t successfully visualise the music. Craig’s paper constructs and lighting scenes have more than added to the music and his conceptual appreciation is uncanny (for example out of the 30 or so shots he took for Three Wings 3, we had both chosen the same one!). Emily’s light touch in laying the images up is just perfect.

Just to explain the thinking. ‘Three Wings’ are mentioned in ‘O Virtus Sapientiae’ (TW2). They describe what ‘wisdom’ is. In this context, it does not refer to being a clever clogs but instead what it is to have true belief, roughly translated ‘…having three wings, of which one soars to the heights (aspiration) and another sweats on the Earth (hard work) and a third flies everywhere (share, love for everyone).’ A journey, a rite of passage. And then there’s the ‘Dark Grows Light’ thing I’ve got, that to be strong you must have deep roots in the dark parts of life. So there you go.

What do you think? Email me.

Three Wings EP1 is Out Now on all major platforms


Only on this site can you get a copy of the CD and high quality downloads (CD and Audiophile), otherwise its on all your fave services including iTunes. Enjoy!

Three Wings EP1 now available to download before release

Visit our shop to get CD and Audiophile (Studio) quality downloads of ‘Three Wings’ now, before release.


Three Wings EP1 to be released on 17th June 2016

Finally, proud to share that the first in a series of three EPs ‘Three Wings 1’ will be released on all platforms and CD on 17th June. You will be able to pre-order (and get the lead track straight away) from Saturday 28th May on iTunes. You can preview the four pieces on ‘Three Wings 1’ here.

BBC Radio 4 Melencolia feat David Lol Perry

‘Melencolia’ BBC Radio 4 Interview now online

My interview on Dr Janina Ramirez’s BBC Radio 4 programme examining artists’ response to Durer’s masterpiece is now available on iPlayer. My bit is toward the end and features a couple of snippets of pieces from my first album ‘Han’. Do check it out, it’s quite interesting and not sad. dlp

QPlain_49 EDIT MRHester Marriott

 Dark grows light

It never fails to amaze me just how convincing the negative half of me can be but every so often, just how easy it can be to mute him. Its been a long, always wing-clipped journey but I am pleased to share with my friends here that I think I may have actually completed my new album (ish).

As you may know, after releasing an instrumental album of big guitars ‘Han’ and a little bit of networking in my local The Wykeham Arms over eighteen months ago, I was invited by Winchester College’s Director of Chapel Music, Malcolm Archer, to record Plainsong (very old chants, single lines of melody, sung a capella) which would be sung by the College’s boy Quiristers (Qs) and to add my own contemporary accompaniment. Its not really been done before. Not like this. We didn’t know if it would work. Well, I didn’t. I hadn’t worked with sacred music before. I hadn’t produced location recordings, ever. I read music very, very slowly. My experience of capably using pro music software, was limited. The Quiristers and Malcolm are world-class. I’d just left a perfectly good job in The City. Out came the negative in me, in stereo and stayed throughout.

The first recording session was exactly a year ago. A second, due to a busy Q performance schedule didn’t take place until October 2015 and as necessarily happens, recorded with a slightly different set of boys, one of whom, the magical Angus Benton, had just picked up the BBC Young Chorister of the Year Award. Here is a video we made.

But it was OK. I have picked up 37,000 views of the video and nearly 3,000 friends on Facebook, from across the World. This weekend, a great weekend, with Engineer Adaq Khan and Malcolm, I’ve finished 13 pieces, although I have a little bit of easy work to do before mastering. And Malcolm likes them, quite a lot I believe. No doubting voices. I’m off to celebrate. Alone, preferably.

Thank you to everyone for their support. I am now, happily, looking forward to releasing the tracks into the wild…….Onwards!

Please fill out these boxes and I’ll keep you up to date!