David’s halo soundbaths enable you to experience music in a live environment in a more relaxed way, stopping life, remaining relaxed and being so in the moment that your positive emotions glow.  

The venue is subtly lit, soft-focused, your way guided by beautiful lights to your personal space where you can lie, sit and slumber as the music washes through you from all around you.

Take time out to lie back, listen to music in a way you probably haven’t before and let yourself dream.  

“Music engages more functions of the brain than any other activity but we rarely give it a proper chance.” says David. “I hope that you might leave a dark place to grow and glow again.” 

Using remixed melody and music from David’s catalogue as well as found sounds and new material, Halos brings together music from early Three Wings works, music for a new suite celebrating Mallory’s attempt on Everest as well as numerous instrumental pieces.

Dates, times and places, to follow.